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Our Services

Tailor-Made Coffee Business Solutions for Start-ups to Established Companies

Consulting Services

We deliver business consulting services with our experienced professionals & entrepreneurs

Investment Hub

We make investments in start-ups & companies in or related to the coffee industry.

Commerce Activities

We develop business opportunities and represent companies across channels for products & services.

Network Marketing

We are building the first ai driven digital information platform for the coffee industry, expandable to a network & social market-place to connect the coffee world.

Making an Impact Across the Coffee Industry

MYCOFFEEWORLD GmbH is also an initiative & investment vehicle around Pascal Schlittler. 

We support coffee companies during their startup and growth phase. Mycoffeeworld provides these companies with venture capital but also with expertise in different areas required to grow a company.



  • We search for the best coffee start-ups in the coffee world. Through our focused approach, interesting opportunities are captured early.
  • Mycoffeeworld Capital invests at pre-seed stage as in early and well growth stage rounds. Coffee Value Chain, Degree of Innovation, Team, Portfolio Synergies & Market Traction are our Key Investment Criteria
  • Ultimately, Mycoffeeworld Capital makes the business more dynamic by providing practical support and integration into the MYCOFFEEWORLD ecosystem, providing the basis for successful scaling of the business.


In particular case Mycoffeeworld Capital acts as patent broker and intermediary which will analyse the assets, prepare a portfolio for marketing and sale, contact prospective buyers and generally assist until a transaction has closed. Our personal network and technical know-how in the coffee sector puts us in an exceptional situation. Our expertise directly affect the understanding of the patents and the quality of the materials that will be presented to potential buyers.


Let's Build Something Together

It’s almost always harder to raise capital than you thought it would be, and it always takes longer. So plan for that.”

Richard Harroch, Venture Capitalist and Author