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Mocoffee wins gold at International Coffee Tasting Competition

MoCoffee Bel CantoMocoffee’s ‘Bel Canto’ coffee capsule and system has been awarded a gold medal by the International Coffee Tasting Competition, that took place in Brescia, Italy from 29 to 31 October.

The annual competition is held by the International Institute of Coffee Tasters, a scientific and independent association that concentrates exclusively on the sensory analysis of coffee.

Mocoffee, a company founded by Nespresso capsule inventor Eric Favre and run by CEO Pascal Schittler, entered their coffee into the ‘Coffee pods and capsules’ category for the first time.

The company noted that their coffee had “surpris[ed] the jury to which extend our products can reach silkiness, rich body and powerful aroma of the real Italian espresso”.

“The winning coffees possess an exceptionally wide range of aromas, accompanied by a bold but round and smooth body,” said Luigi Odello, President of the International Institute of Coffee Tasters and Professor of Sensory Analysis at various Italian and foreign universities.

Twenty six judges from 11 countries took part in this year’s competition, assessing as many as 113 coffees from 13 countries.

Source: Global Coffee Report, ‘Mocoffee wins gold at International Coffee Tasting Competition’