Case Studies: Nahrin biodegradable coffee capsules

The project included the launch of a brand new and highly compatible coffee capsule solution to the Nespresso* System. Capsule Bodies and Lids are Tüf certified and industrially compostable coffee capsules. We use no aluminum nor microplastics. In line with Nahrin’s food philosophy – “closer to nature”, UTZ & Rainforest-certified coffee with little bitterness and acidity, due to slow and gentle roasting procedure to deliver a great taste and smooth coffee beverage.

Nahrin Kaffee Kapseln Biodegradable coffee capsules tüf certified

Biodegradable Coffee Capsules

For this project we included the use of highly Nespresso®* -compatible capsules, made of renewable materials, ensuring a good shelf-life and extraction performance.

Nahrin Kaffee Kapsel Bio Honduras utz rainforest

Signature coffee Selection

The Blends include Nahrin Lungo Cream, Lungo Fortissimo, Espresso, Single origin Bio Coffee from Honduras, Ristretto & Decaffeinated coffee.