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Our Vision to power and grow the future of innovation & business networks in the coffee industry.

What we do

Welcome to Mycoffeeworld GmbH – where coffee innovation transforms the market. With years of collaboration with Éric Favre, the inventor of the Nespresso system, and a robust international network, we bring unparalleled expertise in single-serve coffee technology and coffee marketing to the forefront of the coffee industry. We provide tailored consulting services for both coffee startups, established coffee and retail companies.

Our expertise spans coffee machine development, single-serve coffee solutions, and comprehensive marketing strategies for the foodservice industry. Additionally, we offer support through coffee industry investments and patent analysis. At Mycoffeeworld GmbH, we are dedicated to driving the future of the coffee industry. Our innovative approach and market-oriented strategies ensure that we deliver exceptional value to our clients. Whether you need guidance on developing cutting-edge coffee devices or creating effective marketing campaigns, our team is here to help. Join us in shaping the future of the coffee industry. Contact us today to discover how our coffee consulting services can help your business thrive. 

Investment Hub

Making an Impact Across the Coffee Industry

MYCOFFEEWORLD GmbH is also an initiative & investment vehicle around Pascal Schlittler. 

We support coffee companies during their startup and growth phase with venture capital but also with expertise in different areas required to grow a company.

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Recent Investments


Mikafi Roasting Club, where a platform not only elevates the art of coffee roasting but also seamlessly integrates you into the vibrant world of coffee.


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Our Services reach our business goals we offer a variety of services.

Consulting Services

We deliver business consulting services with our experienced professionals & entrepreneurs in the coffee field.

Investment Hub

We make investments in start-ups & companies in or related to the coffee industry.


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“MyCoffeeWorld allows (...) to contribute to companies with not only money, but experience and connections within the coffee industry”
CHAHAN YERETZIAN Professor ZHAW Wädenswil (Switzerland)
"... MyCoffeeWorld has the potential to act as a hub where people can receive help establishing a network within the industry and building their business.”


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“Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity.” –Michael Porter