IACC internatonal coffee tasting gold medal tokio 2013

IACC internatonal coffee tasting gold medal tokio 2013

We made it again! Gold Medal at International Coffee Tasting Asia

Mocoffee has been awarded a gold medal for its coffee at the International Coffee Tasting Asia Awards in Tokyo. The coffee awards attracted entries from eight countries around the world, including Japan, Korea, Canada, Italy, Switzerland, Taiwan and Thailand. All of the awards were decided by panels of some of Asia’s top coffee experts. Mocoffee was awarded its medal in the best Coffee Capsules and Pods category.

Mocoffee’s Pascal Schlittler was proud to close the year with another Gold Medal awarded recently at the ‘ International Coffee Tasting Asia 2013 ‘ in Tokyo, Japan. The evaluation followed the strict rules issued by the IIAC and was carried out by skilled Asian judges only.

Source:GCR MAG,IACC Japan

ABOUT The International Institute of Coffee Tasters (Iiac)


The International Institute of Coffee Tasters Iiac with the support of Centro Studi Assaggiatori Soc. Coop, Iiac Japan, Iiac Korea, Iiac China and the patronage of the International Academy of Sensory Analysis (Iasa), is organizing “International Coffee Tasting”, an international coffee competition to be held in different sessions according to the programme published on the website www.internationalcoffeetasting.com.


The aims of International Coffee Tasting are:

  1. to create a competition involving coffees from all over the world in order to highlight the
    hedonic quality of this product originating from particularly suitable areas, carefully cultivated,
    skilfully processed, expertly selected and roasted and, where required, masterfully blended;
  2. to shine a light on the finest products by showing consumers the best coffees on the market;
  3. to stimulate producers to pursue quality in its most modern definition, i.e. consumer satisfaction.

International Coffee Tasting is open to roasted coffees either blended or of single origin, in beans or ground or single dose or Ready To Drink, ready for the market.


International Coffee Tasting is reserved for the following coffee categories:
A. single origins or blends for preparation with filter, Chemex, V60, Neapolitan coffee makers;
B. single origins or blends for preparation with moka coffee makers;
C. single origins or blends in beans for preparation with automatic machines;
D. single-dose single origins or blends;
E. blends in beans for espresso;
F. single-origin beans for espresso;
G. Ready-To-Drink products (RTD).


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