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Angelo Moriondo discovers the espresso coffee
Luigi Bezzera invents and sells its patent to Desideria Pavoni 2
Achille Gaggia invents the lever-operated-piston system
Achille Gaggia invents the lever-operated-piston system
EGRO micado first automated espresso machine
Eric Favre discovers and demonstrates the formula
Original Nespress patento
global coffee report eric favre cover story a life encasulated
Mocoffee original logo at founding 2010
Pascal Schlittler co founding Mocoffee with Eric Favre in 2010
Mo Brazil
logo mycoffeeworld

The “Espresso Coffee” is part of our Business DNA


Our inherited know-how is encrypted in the history of Espresso Coffee. We are proud of our legacy know-how in particular through our business expertise and network in the field of coffee pods, single-serve capsule technology (Monodor*/Mocoffee*), and the development and production of Espresso Machines (SwissFactory.Group / Egro) for the coffee industry.

With MYCOFFEEWORLD, Coffee Pioneer Pascal Schlittler and a group of investors provide entrepreneurial equity, hands-on support, and business expertise to innovative coffee start-ups & established businesses.