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…scanning the coffee world with AI technology in real time across the coffee industry!

What we do

MYCOFFEEWORLD360 collects data from various digital sources, understands information, extracts facts, finds hidden relationships, and integrates with its own coffee industry expertise – in real-time.

A SaaS platform built by experts in Artificial Intelligence, a B2B social directory, e-commerce marketplaces, business applications paired with coffee industry know-how.

A one-stop information platform for the coffee industry – expandable to a social, e-market business platform.

Visit our www.MYCOFFEEWORLD .DIRECTORY (Beta Release)

A platform to connect the coffee world

– powered by MYCOFFEEWORLD360

Digitalizing the Coffee World

Right now, a digital transformation is taking place in the world and also in our coffee industry. The pressure is on and the rules of the game are changing. Journey with us to a sky of unprecedented marketplace opportunities. 

In a digital world, the value of connecting face-to-face is, and will always be the ultimate customer experience. What if there was a way to enable that experience through digital 365 days a year without endangering your business and vitally increase the value and services to your customers? What if you had access to a wealth of information related to your business and pushed to you when things occur? This is why we are creating MYCOFFEEWORLD360.COM

At the core of our MYCOFFEEWORLD360 digital information and marketplace, we bring together companies, people, processes, and data, making your and our coffee network more valuable than ever before to support our mission to power and grow the future of innovation & business networks in the coffee industry. Visit our MYCOFFEEWORLD.DIRECTORY 

To reach this challenging goal we infused leading technology from Silicon Valley, Germany & Swiss innovation and trust, and the power of the coffee network all into one nerve center. We are building the social commerce platform MYCOFFEEWORLD360 for the coffee industry.

Visit our

A news platform for the coffee industry with real-time, ai enriched information.


What’s next?

Coffee Industry News & Events, TRENDS, INNOVATIONS & MORE

  • Stay up to-to-date on innovation and industry relevant trends
  • One stop shopping for your key industry data.
  • Engage the network audience with your topics.
  • Engineered with neuro computing technologies.

B2B Social Network

  • Promote your company’s, products and services
  • Connect with coffee professionals around the world
  • Research and evaluate new vendors and suppliers
  • Engage the entire network audience
  • Private Messaging

Ecommerce Marketplace

  • Discover new suppliers, customers & products
  • Showcase unlimited products & services
  • Create and follow up leads
  • Buy and sell online
  • Trusted 3rd party reviews
  • Transact securely

Business Applications

  • Matchmaking
  • AI ready
  • Native CRM
  • Insights and communication
  • Offline events integration
  • Cutting edge IOS Application

What else?

Highly configurable and customizable, MYCOFFEEWORLD360 is mobile friendly and fully responsive across all types of devices – that’s the plan.

Other benefits

  • Specific branch and industry taxonomy
  • Customer attributes for the coffee industry
  • Multilingual platform
  • 360-degree analytics
  • KPI dashboards